Recent Results from the Market Harborough & District Evening Cricket League

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Div: Market Harborough and District Evening League

  19/07/2017Langtons1-04Won by DefaultKibworth0-100Conceded  
  19/07/2017Billesdon207-34T.Miles 107*Nevill Holt145-50Nick 57 
  12/07/2017Medbourne129-50Steve Lilley 50 Joe Bell 3 for 25Billesdon152-64Ben Miles 47 Sanath 47 
  12/07/2017Nevill Holt101-70 Langtons130-64  
  05/07/2017Langtons132-64 Medbourne128-60  
  28/06/2017Billesdon0-02Match Abandoned Langtons0-02Match Abandoned  
  28/06/2017Medbourne0-02Match Abandoned Kibworth0-02Match Abandoned  
  21/06/2017Nevill Holt120-64 Medbourne119-50  
  07/06/2017Nevill Holt109-50 Billesdon115-54  
  07/06/2017Kibworth108-64 Langtons103-80  
  31/05/2017Langtons112-74 Nevill Holt68-100  
  31/05/2017Billesdon138-94T.Miles 69, T.Smith 3-15Medbourne76-100R.Welch 3-19 
  24/05/2017Medbourne72-90Rob Collins 38 Josh Ford 5 for 10Langtons82-104Uzhur 35 runs and 4 for 7 
  24/05/2017Nevill Holt1-04Won by DefaultKibworth0-100Conceded  
  17/05/2017Langtons0-02Match Abandoned Billesdon0-02Match Abandoned  
  17/05/2017Kibworth0-02Match Abandoned Medbourne0-02Match Abandoned  
  10/05/2017Billesdon0-100Conceded Kibworth1-04Won by Default 
  10/05/2017Medbourne150-34James Clarke 38 plus 1/16 Toby Williams 49 Harvey Clarke 32 not out plus 1/16Nevill Holt82-50T Brown 36 not out